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Eye Tracker Training

The more enjoyable a child's learning experience is, the more effective it will be! Eye Tracker Training has forty engaging and motivating activities to help kids become familiar with eye gaze technology using their WinSlate for Kids™ device. The exercises have been developed by therapists and teachers to improve access and choice making skills while still being fun for children.

Look to Learn

Eye Tracker Training targets five specific areas of learning:

  • Sensory – Designed to teach cause and effect

  • Explore – Encourages the user to engage with the whole screen

  • Target – Helps improve accuracy of eye gaze access

  • Choose – Develops choice making skills

  • Control – Fine tunes eye gaze access

Look to Learn

Personalize it

Express your creativity by uploading pictures and videos to make the activities truly your own.

Eye tracker personal page
Eye tracker training heat map

Check your progress

Eye Tracker Training has a built-in heat map analysis tool to see where the user has looked on the screen during activities. The heat map results can be saved to measure efforts and successes.  

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