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Color and Style, ProSlate 10

Communicate in color.

Our ProSlate 10D™ devices are available in eight, exciting color options*, from the sleek and sophisticated Coal Black to the cheery Bright Pink. And yes, Sky Blue, sure to be a favorite of many! If 'bling is your thing', there is the intense Rose Gold. We just added three new exciting colors to the line up, spicy Chili Pepper, rich Forest Green and the luscious Lilac!

With good looks comes toughness. The case has a built-in Impact Dispersion System using a molded silicone inner ring that protects the iPad from drops. By cushioning it within this impact-resistant unibody shell, the device stays safe. The outer shell is sealed and is designed to protect the device from mud, water spray, and other messes that can damage the body and screen.

The color options for the new ProSlate 10D are Bright Pink. Coal Black, Rose Gold. Sky Blue, Chili Pepper, Forest Green and Lilac.

*excludes the ProSlate 4D and 13D

ProSlate 10 Sky Blue
line up PS10 2020_rgb.png
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