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Teletherapy Assessment Quick Tip Resources

Here are Quick Tips Sheets for some of the popular Augmentative Alternative Communications apps used in Teletherapy Assessments, AAC device size comparisons and videos, including a quick demonstration of an assessment.

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Using Motivators

iOS Pointer

In AAC Teletherapy 'Motivators' can be found all around the house. And they can be the simplest of objects. AAC Teletherapy can use motivators readily available from around the house. This means that toys, snacks, songs and video clips can all be used to keep kids engaged in communication.

Connecting a bluetooth mouse to a ProSlate or an iPad is easy. Seeing what the user is doing is only a couple taps away on an AAC device with these simple steps covered in this Quick Tip sheet. We will walk you through that process, click on the picture or the button to learn more!

Forbes AAC TAP Motivators.png
Forbes AAC TAP Displaying the iOS Pointe

Connect to Wi-Fi

Getting connected to Wi-Fi is a valuable resource during a Teletherapy Assessment session. You can connect to Wi-Fi with your AAC device through this easy process. Below is a fast and easy breakdown how to do that with the ProSlate and  WinSlate AAC devices.

Forbes AAC TAP WiFi.png

Get Going with TEAMS

With 'tap' you will need to use Microsoft TEAMS. Click on the link to get a brief step-by-step guide to learn how to get the HIPAA compliant video meeting method underway. The simple instructions will help even the 'technologically challenged' get going using Windows or iOS platforms. 

Forbes AAC TAP Teams.png

Actual size ProSlate 8

Sometimes during a 'tap' assessment, it is important to have a size comparison between Forbes AAC devices, Below is a two page sheet showing the actual size of a ProSlate 8 that can be used while doing an assessment of a ProSlate 10. Each side has a popular AAC app. Make sure to print this at 'Actual Size', not 'Fit to Print'.

Actual size ProSlate 10

Use this two page sheet showing the actual size of a ProSlate 10 while doing an assessment of a ProSlate 8. Again, make sure to print this at 'Actual Size', not 'Fit to Print'.

FAAC ProSlate 8 Actual SIze.png
FAAC ProSlate 10 Actual SIze.png

Actual size WinSlate 12/WinSlate for Kids with EnableEyes

This two page sheet shows the actual size for the WinSlate 12 and WinSlate for Kid with the EnableEyes eye tracking module, due to their size, this format is 17" by 11". Print this at 'Actual Size', not 'Fit to Print'.

FAAC WinSlate 12 Actual SIze.png
tap_more coming soon.png
tap_more coming soon.png
Video Assessment Sample
Displaying the iOS Pointer
Using Guided Access
ProSlate Assessment
WinSlate for Kids Assessment
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