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ProSlate™ Series and AAC Apps: Highlighting Grid for iPad

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

The ProSlate™ Series from Forbes AAC are iOS-based speech generating devices that can run almost any AAC app on the market using iOS-based software. This week’s blog post aims to highlight the many different features and strengths of the AAC app Grid for iPad!

Grid for iPad offers symbol communication, text communication, and interactive learning. You can remotely edit through this app as well as access it through touch or switch access.

Symbol Communication:

  • There are many symbol communication grid sets available on Grid for iPad! Super Core is a highly recommended vocabulary for users on the ProSlate devices. It is a symbol-based core vocabulary system that provides access to over 2,500 words and phrases for AAC users of any age. There are two sizes, Super Core 30 and Super Core 50.

  • This symbol communication system was designed for teaching the use of core vocabulary while also providing access to personalized, fringe vocabulary. Super Core also uses the research-based Fitzgerald key to color code and organize different parts of speech.

  • SymbolStix, PCS, and Widgit symbols are available to customize the app to each user.

Text Communication:

  • Alpha Core: This is a text-based AAC system that is designed for AAC users with literacy abilities who may have changing access needs. Within Alpha Core, there are 7 different keyboard layouts (e.g., Core Word keyboard, QWERTY keyboards) that offer prestored phrases. You can also add personally relevant messages for a user.

  • Text Talker: This is a text-to-speech keyboard that can be used by literate AAC users. A highlight of this grid set is the Chat History technology that recalls every message generated within Text Talker within just a few selections.

Voice Features:

  • There are 200 voices available in 32 languages which allows a user to have their voice personalized to their unique needs.

  • You can also adjust the speed, pitch, and volume of a selected voice in the configure screen!

Word Finder:

  • For clinicians and caregivers, it's nice to be able to search for a specific word you want to model and teach an AAC user. The word finder tool on Grid for iPad allows someone to quickly search for a target word. This tool also demonstrates the route to the target word making it easy to learn the navigation to that word.

Remote Editing:

  • Using a Smartbox and Dropbox account, you can remotely edit a grid set and any changes that are made will then be synced.

Interactive Learning:

  • There are many interactive learning features available on this app to engage emerging communicators to learn cause and effect, how to make choices, and learn to navigate an AAC system. Grid for iPad offers visual scene grid sets, which are activities created around visual scenes that are interactive, and cause and effect grid sets aimed to each cause/effect skills.

Want to trial Grid for iPad? Forbes AAC offers our web-based Loan Library!

  • A successful AAC device trial can provide data-driven information for making clinical recommendations for an AAC system.

  • Forbes AAC offers a self-serve, fully automated, online loan library system which enables speech-language pathologists and end users the ability to request devices for trials and evaluations.

  • Learn more about the loan library here: Forbes AAC Loan Library

  • You can take a look at the manual for this app here: Grid for iPad Manual


Katie Threlkeld, M.S., CCC-SLP is a licensed, ASHA-certified speech-language pathologist and the Educational Program Developer at Forbes AAC. She has over eight years of experience in AT and AAC assessment and treatment with both the pediatric and adult populations. Katie has presented at the state and national level on AAC topics and she has University teaching experience at the undergraduate and graduate level.

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