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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

The Challenge

  •  Fight loneliness

  •  Inspire positive interaction

  •  Curb negative behavior

  •  Encourage social interaction

  •  Instill confidence

  •  Bridge academic participation

  •  Build language skills

The Solution


  • Customizable software to meet individual needs.

  • Universal software that is well know and familiar to teachers and providers all over the world.

  • Ability to support multiple languages.

  • Easy to use and implement.

  • Preprogrammed content to make getting started easy.


  • Durable casing

  • Rugged commercial grade tablet PC

  • Large enough screen to be easily read yet small enough to be portable

  • Full windows platform to support secondary educational software on an open devices

  • Ability to perform normal task such as email, word processing, etc… on open devices

  • Ability to lock out computer functions and make the device a dedicated solution for communication only

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