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Meet Your Dedicated Team 

At Forbes AAC, we recognize the value of having individual points of contact while working through the process of procuring an AAC device.  We believe it is critical to connect you with a team that specializes in your local region.  For this reason, we have teams of Assistive Technology Specialists and Funding Coordinators to manage specific geographic regions of the country. 

Jillena Atchison - Assistive Technology Specialist

Jillena started with Forbes in 2016 as Inside Sales and enjoyed several positions at Forbes AAC. She helped pioneer the Forbes AAC Loan Library system, leading the way to make it better through each iteration and ultimately, its final form. Between her many maternity leaves, Jillena has taken on several challenges and many roles through Forbes AAC and its sister company, PediaLift. Those duties include mastering the quality control regulations through the FDA and understanding all the requirements for funding the devices and the ins and outs of getting DME funded, especially through various appeal processes. 

Jillena will revive her starting role, with her real-world experience and work on, as she says, ‘the front lines, directly with the SLPs and end users”. 

She grew up in a large family in Michigan, met her husband, got married and moved to Ohio after completing his military service. They have four amazingly smart and funny children ‘who happen to be adorable’. 

Family time keeps them busy having started a mini farm with chickens and a huge garden. They are hoping to expand in the next few years, too! Her and her husband have flipped two houses and are beginning another one this summer. As Jillena puts it, “we are just like any other family living the American dream!”  

jillena_smile crop.jpg

If you are interested in products or services, you can reach Jillena by calling or email:

phone 419.589.7688 ext 200


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