TRU-Hold™ Keyguards

Our keyguards have been extensively tested and proven to be superior in performance. Purpose-built for our ProSlate™ and WinSlate™ lines, they are invaluable to our clients' ability to access their devices. Their functional design and precise manufacturing deliver an ideal user experience. The TRU-Hold Keyguards are available in clear and now, black!


Rigid Attachment Only our keyguards provide a strong attachment directly to the face of an AAC device, made possible by their unique magnetic interlocking design. The TRU-Hold Keyguards grip to devices far more securely than other manufacturers' elastic straps or Velcro®.

Other keyguards simply do not have the holding power (1) to sustain bumps as a result of hard use, spasms or irregular muscle movements. The rigid mounting style of the TRU-Hold Keyguard can withstand inadvertent forces and pressures from the user’s hands. This is a much safer attachment method than straps, as there is no potential to tangle and there are no breakable hinges at attachment points.

An industry standard for accessibility

Ergonomics TRU-Hold Keyguards are made from high strength acrylic and have a durable matte finish. The openings and edges are rounded over for comfort and ease of selection on the device screen, and each keyguard is custom cut with specific opening sizes and layouts. Keyguards are easy to replace and can be adjusted as the user’s vocabulary and skill level changes.

Thickness Our keyguards are much thicker (2) than keyguards available for iPads, so that the client's hand is held away from the screen to reduce unwanted selections. The slightly tapered contour of the openings also make it easier to touch desired targets by guiding the hand toward the screen.

Inset Design The TRU-Hold Keyguard features a machined inset design (3) that allows the keyguard to drop in and mount flush against the face of the device. This prevents the users from getting their fingers in between the keyguard and device screen as not pry the device that would remove the keyguard.

Keyguard Specifications Snapshot

Strong, durable, 1/4-inch matte finish plexiglass

Thick profile with offset on back to stay in place 
Interlocking magnetic technology to attach to screen
Custom cut for specific software locations
Rounded, soft cutouts and edges

We manufacture keyguards that can be customized to any software preferences, ability levels and motor control to best fit a user's communication needs!

Take a look at some of the keyguards we have manufactured for these AAC apps.
Check out the optional Black Keyguards now available!
We have a Keyguard Master showing several hole shapes and sizes to help design and custom keyguard .

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