Meet Your Dedicated Team 

At Forbes AAC, we recognize the value of having individual points of contact while working through the process of procuring an AAC device.  We believe it is critical to connect you with a team that specializes in your local region.  For this reason, we have teams of Assistive Technology Specialists and Funding Coordinators to manage specific geographic regions of the country. 

Kelly Thoel - Assistive Technology Specialist

Kelly is an assistive technology specialist who has been working in the field of Augmentative Alternative Communication since 1990. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Recreation, Leadership and Management from Ferris State University. Over the past 27 years she has consistently been recognized as a top sales performer. She currently lives in Macomb, Michigan.

If you are interested in products or services, you can reach Kelly by phone or email:

Phone: 419.589.7688  ext 233


Kacey Schnieder - Funding Specialist

Kacey joined recently joined the Forbes AAC team in 2018. As a Funding Specialist, she works closely with caregivers, Speech-Language Pathologists, and other team members to get clients the equipment they need. Kacey is experienced in procuring funding throughout various regions of the country; she is an expert in processing authorizations and claims for Medicaid, managed care plans, private insurances and waiver programs. 

Kacey and Kelly work together to ensure that their clients get the AAC devices and accessories they need, as efficiently as possible.

If you have any questions about funding or eligibility, you can reach Kacey by phone or email:

Phone 419.589.7688 ext 227


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