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WinSlate™ Series

Our WinSlate devices use seamless Windows integration, helping users communicate in person and with Skype, email and texting*. The WinSlate Dashboard™ language system incorporates both symbol-and text-based grids to best fit your unique communication needs.


WinSlate devices are accessible via gyroscopic head mouse, switch scanning, direct selection and eye tracking - the optional Enable Eyes® module uses the most state-of-the-art eye tracking available today.

*Requires Feature Unlock Key (sold separately)

WinSlate 34 R_out_fast tlkr words.png
Winslate frnt_stnd ecu_rgb.png
WinSlate Hiru Kids _34L_pole.png

The WinSlate 12D ’s 12.3” display is perfect for communicators who require alternative access methods and large on-screen targets. Weighing only 3.4 pounds, the WinSlate 12D remains 

lightweight and portable.

The WinSlate 12D Enable Eyes incorporates cutting-edge eye tracking technology to provide access to all that Windows has to offer. The Enable Eyes® module and onscreen control bar allow users to click, drag, scroll, zoom and more using only their eyes.

An eye tracking AAC device built just for kids. The interactive learning activities and WinSlate Dashboard™ create the ultimate fun learning experience for children starting to use an eyegaze device and learning language.   

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