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Teletherapy Assessment Quick Tip Resources

Use these Quick Tips to help you in Teletherapy Assessments!

Using Motivators

iOS Pointer

In AAC Teletherapy 'Motivators' can be found all around the house. And they can be the simplest of objects. AAC Teletherapy can use motivators readily available from around the house. This means that toys, snacks, songs and video clips can all be used to keep kids engaged in communication.

Connecting a bluetooth mouse to a ProSlate or an iPad is easy. Seeing what the user is doing is only a couple taps away on an AAC device with these simple steps covered in this Quick Tip sheet. This will . We will walk you through that process, click on the picture or the button to learn more!

Forbes AAC TAP Motivators.png
Forbes AAC TAP Displaying the iOS Pointe

Connect to Wi-Fi

You will relish the fact that you can connect to Wi-Fi with your AAC device. This is a fast and easy breakdown how to do that with the ProSlate and  WinSlate AAC devices. Even it you do not like relish.

Forbes AAC TAP WiFi.png

Popular AAC app cheat sheets

Here are a few Cheat Sheets we have developed for some of the more popular AAC applications we will use with the Teletherapy Assessment Program. Click on the image to get a full size PDF you can download and use during your Assessment.

Forbes AAC TAP TC42 Cheat_circle.png
Forbes AAC TAP Speak for Your_circle.png
Forbes AAC TAP Super Core 50 Cheat_circl
Forbes AAC TAP Snap Core
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