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Meet Your Dedicated Team 

At Forbes AAC, we recognize the value of having individual points of contact while working through the process of procuring an AAC device.  We believe it is critical to connect you with a team that specializes in your local region.  For this reason, we have teams of Assistive Technology Specialists and Funding Coordinators to manage specific geographic regions of the country. 

Ben Tucker - National VA & ECU Liaison/Assistive Technology Specialist

Ben is a self-starter and got into the business world early in life, managing a Pizza shop at just fifteen! He then went into the corporate restaurant realm taking on the duties of Assistant Manager throughout high school and college. Ben is no stranger to Forbes AAC having worked here in 2009 as an independent contractor transferring and updating Forbes Communication boards from Tobii Communicator to new software The Grid 2.


Hired as full-time employee as tech support and device manufacturing, Ben was then promoted to Assistive Technology Specialist covering the state of Ohio. Wanting even more challenges and duties, he started his own company, Freedom ATS in 2015 and worked with VA hospitals and assisted therapy departments with SGD’s and ECU devices exclusively.


Ben’s new title at Forbes AAC is National VA and ECU Liaison and his responsibilities will be to act as an Assistive Technology Specialist covering the states of Ohio, California, Pennsylvania and Louisiana. He will also support and train the current ATS staff on VA business visits and co-travel to national VAMCs.


His intimate knowledge of the Assistive Technology world makes Ben unique. Most ATSs only get to know what products their company offers; Ben is constantly exploring new methods, speech applications and devices. He has trained an abundance of clients in multiple communication software on varying platforms based on building his ever-increasing knowledge base. Working with Forbes and on his own, he has been able to extend his command of access methods, mounting solutions and ECU devices as well. Combining all of that with his background in design, IT and customer service make Ben one of a kind Assistive Technology Specialist!


Ben is newly married and stays active with sports, music, wood working, the culinary arts, movies and beer making. He has also done volunteer work for Habitat for Humanity International participating in work trips to Hungary, Nepal, Poland and Portugal!

ben tucker crop _sm.jpg

If you are interested in products or services, you can reach Ben by phone or email:


phone 419.589.7688 ext 220 or direct 419.651.9519


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